Our balustrade system offers sophisticated design, unbeatable quality, and excellent safety. Our wide range of certified glass balustrades, baluster railings, handrails, glass adapters and glass clamps has a solution for every situation.

Q-railing’s system are renowned for their flexibility. Thanks to their modular design, you can mix and match components in any way you wish, creating truly unique balustrades. That is how, together, we bring your vision to life.
Q-railing’s Easy Glass 3kN is ultra-robust, while offering maximum transparency. It is designed to cope with line loads up to 3 kN. That’s the kind of force you might experience in shopping centres, airports or stadiums. But the sense of space and light that it creates make it a stunning addition to any public area. No welding is required, and the Safety Wedge system guarantees easy alignment of the glass panels.Easy Glass Slim combines modern design, optimal transparency and affordability in one railing system. Able to resist a line load of 1 kN, it is ideal for private residences, commercial buildings, shops and more. The base shoes are light and easy to position too. In fact the Slim base shoe is a great piece of design in its own right. It comes with integrated water drainage and the Safety Wedge glass mounting system.